Pasta Artigiana

On Monday 27 August, we’re having dinner with Nino Zoccali, one of Sydney’s finest Italian chefs to celebrate the release of his book Pasta Artigiana and to celebrate Italy’s culinary gift to the world - pasta!

Nino Zoccali, a second-generation Italian chef is chef owner of Pendolino and La Rosa restaurants in The Strand Arcade in Sydney’s CBD.   Nino opened his first Italian restaurant in Margaret River at the age of 25 and has been at the forefront of traditional/authentic Italian fine dining in Australia ever since.

During his career he has worked at a ranging of leading Sydney-based Italian restaurants and was the founding head chef at Otto Ristorante Italiano.  He is a founding member of CIRA – the Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia – and active as an olive oil judge.

Pasta Artigiana: simple to extraordinary shares a lifetime of irresistible recipes – from indulgent filled pasta to hearty soups and even pasta-based desserts.  There is a recipe for every occasion, from a classic spaghetti alla napoletana through to a refined sweet pea ravioli with gorgonzola cream, as well as a range of versatile pasta doughs, sauces and broths.  Chapters included dried pasta, fresh pasta, filled pasta, baked pasta and vegetarian pasta - even dessert pasta!  As practical as it is beautiful, Pasta Artigiana is an important companion for anyone who loves to cook and eat pasta.

You can read a few chapters here (or buy it as an ebook):

Please come and join us for dinner celebrating pasta at every course!

Nino will present 3 stunning pasta dishes/courses and take time out to tell us all about his love for artisanal and traditional pasta.

(and why are we having a Pasta dinner at a Croatian restaurant?  Well, Ino, the chef patron of Il Dalmatino, and Nino are great friends; so much so that Ino’s recipe for gnocchi is in the book!  And if you remember your Shakespeare, the Dalmatian Coast was long ago Ilyria - a quasi Italian/Roman province…)

When: Monday 27 August 2012  7pm

Where: Il Dalmatino, 280 Bay Street Port Melbourne

Price: $65 per head + drinks

To Book: call 03 9645 6584, email [email protected] or book online at

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