Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian The eagerly anticipated debut cookbook Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian from Sat Bains has just arrived!

Revealing the first insight into the food and philosophies of the 2 Michelin star chef, with a foreword by Heston Blumenthal and featuring contributions from 36 of the world’s best chefs - this linen-covered limited edition of Michelin star chef Sat Bains debut cookbook, Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian, is packaged in a stunning slipcase and mailing box.

Weighing in at almost 4kg, this is a stunning book. At one level, it’s a beautiful coffee table cookbook appealing to anybody with a passion for food.  But for the serious chef this is definite must have in a professional library.

Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian follows the celebrated tasting menu format of Restaurant Sat Bains. It contains 68 incredible recipes that will inspire a generation of chefs.  Each recipe has detailed instructions and photographs.  A clever graphic design element included with each recipe clearly and easily identifies the seasonal aspects, the taste profile and the flavour components of each dish.

Featuring a fascinating behind the scenes account of a chef at the cutting edge of modern cuisine, the book reveals the theories, thought process and evolution that shape Sat’s food, and how gastronomic research, development and creativity play a vital role in the unique food pairings and flavour combinations at the 2 Michelin star restaurant,  Restaurant Sat Bains .

Sat Bains won a Roux Scholarship in 1999, and is the holder of numerous awards.  Sat is also highly regarded by his peers

“One of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had was at his restaurant, and I reckon he’s one of the best chefs this country has produced. Once you read this book and see what goes into his wonderful recipes, I’m sure you’ll agree with me.”

Heston Blumenthal

Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian is published by Face Publishing, a bespoke specialist Northern England Fine dining publisher.  Their earlier (stunning books) authored by Michelin starred Andrew Pern and James McKenzie are multiple award winners and we expect Sat Bain’s publishing debut to do the same.  We’re very excited to be stocking Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian

Despite what you will see on other online bookstores, Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian is available exclusively from only 4 places in the world: the author, the publisher, our colleagues at Kitchen Arts & Letters in New York and here!

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