This Saturday 9 August is #NationalBookShopDay

We’ve got lots happening! Come join us between 10 and 6 tomorrow

  • brunch with Backyard Bees at Ladro in Gertrude St - bees, just like bookstores need their champions - and we’re proud to be launching a great practical guide to Beekeeping for beginners at 10.30 over a honey filled brunch

  • burgers for books with our friends Huxtaburger in Smith St - that’s right buy some books from us tomorrow - and we’ll shout you one of Melbourne’s great burgers

  • bubbles - what party doesn’t need bubbles, and

  • we’re baking! We’ve had our noses in a few of our current favourites - and Amanda’s been baking

And if you can fit in more than one bookshop - check out what some of our friends are doing! Lots of activities at The Little Bookrooom, Readings, Fairfield Books, and lots more here

National Bookshop Day 2014

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Backyard Bees

When: 10.30 - 12.30 Saturday 9 August

Where: Books for Cooks (at Ladro - 224A Gertrude St - just across the road)

Price: $59.95 (includes brunch, drinks, a copy of Doug Purdie’s ‘Backyard Bees: a guide for the beginner beekeeper’, & a Books for Cooks voucher) via Eventbrite or below.

Bees are a part of everyone’s life whether we know it or not. They are critically necessary to our food supply and food security. Without bees much of our fruit and vegetables would be in short supply. Worryingly many of the bees of the Industrialised world are under threat.

Thankfully ‘beevangelists’ around the world have been establishing and reinvigorating bee communities and hives in local gardens, community buildings and even on restaurant rooftops.

Doug Purdie is one such ‘beevangelist’. He never set out to become a beekeeper, but bees found him, and in the past 5 years between his business The Urban Beehive and his involvement with amateur beekeeping, he has become a leading voice and activist in the fight for bees in Sydney.

Doug has now written a wonderfully personal and evocative yet practical book on the gentle art of beekeeping. With Doug’s book just about anyone can keep bees. All you need is a bit of space and a little love for the creatures that pollinate the vegie patches of your neighbourhood! And whether you have a hive or not, Backyard Bees also includes 20 great recipes using honey.

Backyard Bees is the ultimate guide to installing & maintaining a hive through the seasons including extensive advice on choosing a hive & the equipment you will need and case studies and anecdotes from beekeepers from all walks of life.

Our friends across the road at Ladro are also part of the good fight and together with Rooftop Honey (the Melbourne equivalent of Doug’s Urban Beehive) are the host of a community of bees on their rooftop.

So it seemed appropriate that Doug join us at Ladro for brunch on Saturday the 9th August to share his passion and love for bees, all things honey and how to keep bees!

Please join us!

Each ticket includes a generous brunch, drinks, a copy of Backyard Bees ($34.95) & a Books for Cooks voucher

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The Best White Wine on Earth - the Riesling StoryWhen we started working in Hospitality - in the early 80s - we were told that RIESLING was going to be the next big thing. Fast forward to now - and we’re still being told that!

Over the years, as lovers of Riesling we’ve been quite happy for the wine world to flirt with first Chardonnay and Viognier and then Pinot Gris (or Grigio); to become disturbingly obsessed with Sauvignon Blanc; and to dally with Albarino and Verdelho - because as far as we can tell, that has left all the great Riesling affordable and available - to us!

Sadly that is all going to come to an end; because RIESLING IS THE NEXT BIG THING and Stuart Piggott has decided he has to tell everyone about it. In fact he’s been telling everyone about it since 2012 via his blog

Piggott is a British wine journalist who lives in Berlin and New York, and who is both a leading expert on Riesling and one of its greatest champions. Best White Wine on Earth - the Riesling Story his new book (and his first in English for a long time) based on his search for great Riesling (see his blog) is a somewhat controversial, polemical and idiosyncratic, but certainly breathtaking, refreshing, aromatic and elegant look at Riesling in all its forms, varieties and expressions around the world. One literary sip and you’ll be hooked on the diversity of wines made from a single grape - bone-dry to so-sweet (as to rival Sauternes); often with a backbone of steel and acidity.
Best White Wine on Earth
The book opens with an explanation of Riesling in all its forms, where it comes from, how it is made, how it should taste in the glass and how to tell a good Riesling. Dilettantes & wine geeks will appreciate the detailed, almost rambling exploration of these issues - those with less time will find invaluable the break out ‘First Base’ boxes explaining things essential to understanding Riesling. This is perhaps the strongest part of the book where the reader will gain the most confidence in appreciating good Riesling in all its disguises.

Readers particularly attuned to the typically searingly bone dry, lime, lemon and kerosene charactes of Australian Riesling will find a lot of guidance here

Best White Wine on Earth_2The balance of the book is an exploration of Riesling country by country; style by style. Chapter 3 looks at Australasia and gives a good nod to the wines the Clare Valley, Western Australia and locally of MacForbes.

Other chapters look at the USA (now a significant and serious Riesling producer), the Danube, the Rhine and a few other less well known homes for Riesling. As always a wine book must attempt to impose some sort of structure and standards and so Piggott concludes with his ‘Riesling Global Top 100; a listing of his best -of-the-best dry, medium dry, medium-sweet and sweet wines.

Piggott clearly wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Riesling; passionate, unabashed, opinionated, learned - this is a book that will engage wine lovers for its passion; challenge them with its opinions and excite them with a swathe of new wines to discover and explore. With Best White Wine On Earth in hand and a good wine store around the corner - you should never have to drink boring white wine ever again!

Who Should Buy: Perfect for aspiring wine geeks, Riesling lovers & those who love to champion underdogs - this is a must by for anyone in the wine industry
Price: $29.95 (like good Riesling - a bargain!)
Available: 1 July
Format: Hardcover 208pp; (20cm x 20cm)

Buy Now

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