About Our Books

books for cooks

All of our books are about food and wine.  There is no Harry Potter or Dan Brown, no dictionaries or crime novels.

We catalogue over 45,000 books and we usually have over 30,000 titles in stock.  More new and old stock arrives every week. All are somehow about food or drink & the majority are cookbooks.

About half our books are either second-hand or out-of-print & we buy more every week. If you are interested in selling books click here.

There is also have a growing collection of antiquarian cookbooks, mostly from the 19th century.

We have books for professional chefs, home cooks, keen amateurs, novices, armchair cooks & children; gardener cooks, small holding farmers, preservers, brewers, and even artisan makers.  In addition to recipe books, cookbooks & receipt books we also have books about areas such as:

  • wine, viticulture & oenology
  • tea, coffee & other beverages
  • food history
  • food sociology
  • wine & food science
  • wine & food related literature
  • food photography & art
  • kitchen design & kitchen implements
  • specialist professional references for trade & industry

We also stock foreign language cookbooks, particularly: French, Spanish, Italian and German.

In addition, we also have a large collection of culinary ephemera & pamphlets, menus, wine-lists and advertising materials. Not much of this is currently catalogued, but we are working on that!

And if we don’t stock it, we’ll happily try to find it for you new or old for as long as it takes – just ask!