An Invitation – Dinner with Gill Meller

An invitation to Dinner

Next week we, together with our dear friends at Pope Joan, are having  dinner with Gill Meller to celebrate his new book Gather.

During dinner we’ll have an intimate chat with Gill and after dinner he will be signing copies of his new book Gather.

Who’s Gill Meller you ask?   Read on!

When: 6.30pm Wednesday 7 June 2017

Where: Pope Joan

Cost: $95 (three courses & matched wines)



One of the sublime joys of our job is discovering beautiful books and writers like Gill Meller.

Gill is the head chef at River Cottage and has been for the past 11 years.  If you have watched any of the River Cottage TV series – at some point – you’ll have seen Gill quietly producing beautiful food alongside Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – he’s been there for pretty much the whole journey!

If you like classic authors, good lyrical even poetic recipes & food writing; bold, whimsical yet accesible seasonal British cooking; and great flavours – Gill Meller’s Gather is the book for you.

Recipes that leapt off the page to us include:

  • Blackberry, saffron & honey drop scones
  • Chocolate rye brownies with bay & almonds
  • Fried Apples with sage, pig’s cheek & celeriac
  • Roast beetroot & wet garlic with bay, lovage & thyme
  • Fried Mutton Loin with shaved cauliflower, preserved lemon & smoked paprika

… just a few of the 120 recipes inspired by the landscapes in which Gill lives and works. From seashore to woodland, orchard to garden, field to farm, moorland to harbour – simple, honest dishes made from natural, abundant foods –
Gather is a celebration of British seasonal cooking at its best.


The critics agree…

Nominated for the André Simon best Debut cook book award
Winner of the Fortnum and Mason Debut food book of the year
Nominated for the Guild of Food Writers cook book of the year
In “Gather”, Gill Meller encourages us to not only embrace our landscape through the shifting seasons, but to explore what is quietly growing out there, to enjoy it, and to turn it into something delicious. This is a truly beautiful book. 
–René Redzepi
‘In both cooking and writing, Gill Meller has a unique and honest voice. No-one else’s food is more true to the place where they live. He’s an original. This book perfectly reflects his approach.’
–Diana Henry
‘Just stunning. There’s no one I’d rather cook for me than Gill and there’s not a recipe here I wouldn’t eagerly devour.’
–Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Gill Meller’s Gather is absolutely sui generis: it has a voice and sensibility – I’d even say a poetry – all of its own. Beautiful writing, beautiful food: this is an exquisite book that I cannot stop reading; and every recipe makes me consider ingredients and flavours afresh and beckons me into the kitchen
–Nigella Lawson

Please join us for an unforgettable dinner!

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