Mugaritz: a natural science of cooking by Andoni Luis Aduriz

In one of our windows today is one of the most awaited cookbooks for the year – Mugaritz: a natural science of cooking by Andoni Luis Aduriz. We were so excited that we airfreighted it in, 4 weeks ahead of its local release.

Published by Phaidon Press, and designed ‘loosely’ as a ‘companion’ to Rene Redzepi’s Noma , Mugaritz is a beautiful, striking cookbook. The strong contemporary photography documents the unique creative process behind Aduriz’s innovative dishes, with 70 recipes and over 150 photographs.

Six thematic chapters explain Aduriz’s key philosophies.  Detailed essays explore his interactions with nature and technology, a new language of cooking, the experience of the diner and his wide-ranging sources of inspiration.

Aduriz is currently one of the brightest stars in the culinary firmament.  He holds 3 Michelin Stars for his restaurant Mugaritz, and was recently confirmed for a second year as the No 3 restaurant in the world in the San Pellegrino Restaurant Top 50 List. Aduriz has in fact been in the top 50 for 7 years.

“It’s impossible to keep the attention of diners for two-and-a-half hours if you focus exclusively on their palates”, [Andoni] says. “You also have to tickle their intellect, imagination and sense of humour and memory, and test their capacity for surprise.” This is exactly why people flock to this out-of-the-way 50-cover restaurant.

After 14 years of running one of the world’s most feted kitchens, Aduriz is finally shedding light on what makes him tick with the publication of his restaurant’s first book

Andoni Luis Aduriz trained with most of the highly regarded Michelin 3 Star chefs in Northern Spain.  He was regarded by many as the lead protege of Ferran Adria.  Today he is at the forefront of Spain’s culinary innovation.

Mugaritz: a natural science of cooking, is equally at the cutting edge in introducing and communicating Aduriz’s philosophy and creativity.

This cookbook is already running out the door. It will appeal to all lovers of creativity, as well as restaurant-goers and aspiring or professional chefs.

Price & Availability

Mugaritz: a natural science of cooking is available as a beautiful 250pp hardcover for $69.95

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