Selling Books

Second-hand, Vintage & Antiquarian items

We are always interested in buying large or small collections of good books, and also maps, posters, prints, pamphlets and ephemera; so long as they relate to food and/or drink.

We buy in-store most days, but currently not on Friday or Sunday.  Although appointments aren't necessary, it is best to ring ahead just in case.

Even better, email a photo of the items you want to sell to  Photo(s) of them on the shelf, spine out,  large enough so that we can read the spines are best.   We will reply indicating which books we are interested in and which books we can't give a home to.

We do not give an indication of price before inspecting the books under any circumstances.

We are most interested in:

  • classic books & authors
  • the books you probably want to keep
  • interesting or unusual subjects
  • food and drink related ephemera, recipe pamphlets, wine lists, menus etc

We can't buy in most cases:

  • ex-library books; although there are exceptions particularly with older books
  • recent magazines; but we are interested in specialty or unusual magazines
  • damaged books;  as a general rule, we buy books only in excellent condition; again there are exceptions with older books

If your collection is very large (ie over 1000 books) or you are unsure whether we might be interested, please contact us.  We'd love to hear from you.

New Self-Published Books

We like to support local and emerging authors and are always interested to stock self-published cookbooks.

Before making a decision as to whether we can stock your book we need to see it.

Some formats are harder to stock than others.  For example, spiral bound books are hard to shelve.  Equally some books, in our experience may not sell well in our store either because of their audience, content, price or format.

If you would like us to consider your book please make an appointment to see us in-store with a sample of your book and your commercial terms of sale.